The facility group offers individualized services, fully integrated, and services that are tailored to each customer's unique maintenance needs.



Each partner is asked to complete a partner audit, in which customer needs are defined. This will alert us specifically to what is expected to be performed, to what extent, and how often the task should be completed. This audit serves as the instructions for our services, ensuring that the quality of our work meets not only our standards, but fulfills our customer’s specific needs. 

The facility group offers a variety of industrial and commercial services. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  •          Complete facility management          
  •          Plumbing                                            
  •          Marble and ceramic cleaning              
  •          Floor care                                           
  •          Landscaping                                       
  •          Engineering and Maintenance            
  •          Preventative maintenance                  
  •          Carpentry
  •          Upholstery cleaning 
  •          Exterior and interior wall cleaning
  •          Snow removal
  •          Window cleaning
  •          Heating and air conditioning / HVAC
  •          Electrical
  •         Custodial Services

With a designated manager on each site, we provide not only familiar services, but a familiar face to interact with.